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Posted on: August 24, 2009 3:55 pm

The breakdown: Round 5-6 of H2H mock

We are moving along in our first Fantasy hoops mock of the season. Make sure to keep checking back as the draft goes on for my take on how each round unfolded.

Here's a look at the picks made in Round 5:

Lauren Shehadi - Paul Millsap, F, UTA
Eric Mack - Richard Jefferson, F, SA
Ian Melmood - Jason Kidd, G, DAL
Sergio Gonzalez - Baron Davis, G, LAC
Jeff Lippman - Jeff Green, F, OKC
Jamey Eisenberg - Luis Scola, F, HOU
Peter Madden - Raymond Felton, G, CHA
Fazal Imam - Kevin Martin, G, SAC
Michael Hurcomb - John Salmons, F/G, CHI
Ross Devonport - Rodney Stuckey, G, DET
Scott White - Andre Miller, G, POR
Dave Richard - Josh Howard, F, DAL

The Breakdown: The Paul Millsap pick here by Shehadi is largely dependant on Carlos Boozer leaving Utah. However, the longer this situation takes to unfold, the more likely it seems that Boozer could return to Utah. Take this as a view of what you should expect to see closer to the start of the season if the Jazz decide to let Boozer go. Things will be a lot clearer then.

My Baron Davis pick was a result of me thinking he was too good of a value in Round 5 to pass up. Davis became my No. 4 guard, which should be pretty solid for my guard situation, but it means there is work to be done at forward and center. It was a pick that was measured, and one that puts pressure on me to hit it big with my forward picks the rest of the way.

Eisenberg loves Scola heading into the season and you have to agree with him when you consider the fact that the Rockets have absolutely no other inside presence to speak of. Eisenberg also said he's counting on Scola picking up center eligibility as our standard Commissioner league allows for multiple eligibility. Even if he doesn't, however, Scola will be looking at a career season. It's possible he could be somewhere in the David Lee neighborhood by season's end. He's a breakout candidate if there ever was one.

White is aware of the fact that Andre Miller could be coming off the bench in Portland this season behind Steve Blake, but there's no question he is going to be getting starter's minutes regardless. In a standard Head-to-Head league that rewards two points per assist, Miller should remain a solid No. 2 guard this fall.

Josh Howard may have been an absolute steal here for Richard. Sure, he is coming off an injury-plagued campaign that also included plenty of off-the-court issues, but he is young and now healthy. Fantasy owners may be able to capitalize on the wariness of other owners.

Here's a look at the picks made in Round 6:

Dave Richard - Blake Griffin, F, LAC
Scott White - Boris Diaw, F, CHA
Ross Devonport - Mo Williams, G, CLE
Michael Hurcomb - Jamal Crawford, G, ATL
Fazal Imam - Al Horford, C, ATL
Peter Madden - Al Harrington, F, NY
Jamey Eisenberg - Josh Smith, F, ATL
Jeff Lippman - Ron Artest, F, LAL
Sergio Gonzalez - Michael Beasley, F, MIA
Ian Melmood - Nene, C
Eric Mack - Tayshaun Pince, F, DET
Lauren Shehadi - Spencer Hawes, C, SAC

The Breakdown: Blake Griffin has Rookie of the Year written all over him and the Clippers seem to be willing to make things as easy as possible for him this season. He's a No. 1-caliber forward in the making who Fantasy owners should view as a No. 2 going into the season. This is fair value for him, though, you could see him go even earlier in drafts.

White drafted Diaw off his Charlotte numbers last season and there really isn't much reason to think he can't repeat those numbers in his first full season under Larry Brown this fall. His versatility and defensive ability makes him a Brown favorite and he averaged over 14.5 points, 4.5 assists and 5.0 rebounds with a little over a three-pointer per game. He's also good for some steals and blocks with a good field-goal percentage. Diaw has not yet hit the "big time" in Fantasy parlance, but he's a stud to anyone who paid attention last year. He belongs in this class, but could also fall to you later because of his lack of big-name appeal.

Josh Smith's Fantasy appeal has taken a big hit coming off what was a down year for him last season and that fall will be more evident this year in H2H leagues than in Rotisserie leagues where his blocks still make him worthy of a higher pick.

My Michael Beasley pick came before news broke about him having to check into a rehab center to help him with depression-related issues. Remember, my Baron Davis pick in Round 5 was one that would have been better used on a forward, but I found it hard to resist B. Diddy's siren song as a potential No. 4 guard. I was banking on Josh Howard here, but he went two picks ahead of me and the highest rated forward was Tayshaun Prince. I went with Beasley's breakout potential here, especially with most players seeing their biggest statistical increases in their second NBA season. I still like the pick, but don't feel quite as comfortable as I did before the Beasley news.

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Posted on: August 19, 2009 2:14 pm

The breakdown: Round 3-4 of H2H mock

We are moving along in our first Fantasy hoops mock of the season. Make sure to keep checking back as the draft goes on for my take on how each round unfolded.

Here's a look at the picks made in Round 3:

Lauren Shehadi - Tony Parker, G, SA
Eric Mack - Kevin Garnett, F, BOS
Ian Melmood - Paul Pierce, F, BOS
Sergio Gonzalez - Antawn Jamison, F, WAS
Jeff Lippman - Rajon Rondo, G, BOS
Jamey Eisenberg - Stephen Jackson, F/G, GS
Peter Madden - LaMarcus Aldridge, F, POR
Fazal Imam - Emeka Okafor, C, NO
Michael Hurcomb - Carlos Boozer, F, UTA
Ross Devonport - Monta Ellis, G, GS
Scott White - David West, F, NO
Dave Richard - Jose Calderon, G, TOR

The Breakdown: We may as well call Round 3 the "Boston Celtics Round." Garnet, Pierce and Rondo all went in a span of four picks. Ray Allen won't be taken for another few rounds, but this is more or less where Fantasy owners should expect the team's new Big Three to go, with Rondo replacing Allen.

I wound up with Antawn Jamison here. That's not a flashy pick, but the guy has been one of the more under-rated Fantasy forwards with the ability to average 20 and 10, especially with the team lacking a real low-post presence. I debated between Jamison and West here because I needed a forward (I'm personally staying away from Boozer because there is too much uncertainty), but decided to go with Jamison (who is older than West) because he is less of an injury risk in my opinion given West's history.

Calderon and Ellis were passed over time after time in this league and wound up being excellent values for Devonport and Richard. Calderon lacks the flare of other elite Fantasy guards, but he'll be among the league leaders in assists -- are favored heavily in this format. Ellis should be far enough removed from his Achilles' injury that he should be a top-notch No. 1 Fantasy guard again. Keep them in mind as possible targets that could fall to you.

Once again, the only real reach in the round was Okafor, who was taken here because of his center-eligibility. That's something that Fantasy owners will need to consider -- picking and choosing their spots to address a very thin position. Personally, I've decided to wait things out a little longer there.

Here's a look at the picks made in Round 4:

Dave Richard - Russell Westbrook, G, OKC
Scott White - Brook Lopez, C, NJ
Ross Devonport - David Lee, F/C, NY
Michael Hurcomb - Ben Gordon, G, DET
Fazal Imam - Gerald Wallace, F, CHA
Peter Madden - Chauncey Billups, G, DEN
Jamey Eisenberg - Mehmet Okur, C, UTA
Jeff Lippman - Rudy Gay, F, MEM
Sergio Gonzalez - O.J. Mayo, G, MEM
Ian Melmood - Hedo Turkoglu, F, TOR
Eric Mack - Vince Carter, G, ORL
Lauren Shehadi - Troy Murphy, F/C, IND

The Breakdown: Once again, it was a center who made some eyebrows rise in Round 4. Brook Lopez has seen his stock increase dramatically entering his sophomore NBA season. The departure of Vince Carter leaves the team with really just Devin Harris and Lopez as go-to guys on the team and Lopez finished his rookie season with a very strong second half, averaging 14.7 points and 8.4 rebounds with 1.9 blocks. The biggest jump in value in Fantasy hoops leagues, traditionally, comes from Year 1 to Year 2 and that's what we're expecting with Lopez.

Be careful with David Lee, as his stock is highly dependent on him returning to the Knicks. Devonport was well aware of that and chose to make this pick to reflect his current status as a Knick. Elsewhere, he may not be quite the offensive player he was under Mike D'Antoni last season.

Carter's stock falls a tad with the move to Orlando, but he may be a player that Fantasy owners could be over-reacting to this fall. Getting him anywhere in Round 4 is good value, but toward the end could be an absolute steal. Rudy Gay is also an interesting player in that if it weren't for the emergence of O.J. Mayo last season, he'd be a player we could be talking about in the first two rounds. But Mayo is there, and he's healthy, so his overall appeal gets capped, but he's a very sound choice here.

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Posted on: August 17, 2009 6:47 pm
Edited on: August 17, 2009 6:49 pm

The breakdown: Round 1-2 of H2H mock

We got our first mock draft of the offseason going this afternoon and I'm going to be breaking down the draft round by round. Make sure to keep checking back as the draft goes on for my take on how each round unfolded.

Here's a look at the picks made in Round 1:

Lauren Shehadi - LeBron James, F, CLE
Eric Mack - Kobe Bryant, G, LAL
Ian Melmood - Dwyane Wade, G, MIA
Sergio Gonzalez - Chris Paul, G, NO
Jeff Lippman - Dwight Howard, C, ORL
Jamey Eisenberg - Kevin Durant, G/F, OKC
Peter Madden - Dirk Nowitzki, F, DAL
Fazal Imam - Deron Williams, G, UTA
Michael Hurcomb - Brandon Roy, G, POR
Ross Devonport - Chris Bosh, F, TOR
Scott White - Pau Gasol, F/C, LAL
Dave Richard - Amar'e Stoudemire, F, PHO

The Breakdown: Expect to see the same four names in the first round of most Head-to-Head leagues this fall, but in various orders. No. 1 isn't likely to be different in H2H leagues, but Nos. 2-4 make up a tier of their own and could be interchanged easily. In our league, Emack went with the reigning MVP and chose to go with his consistency over the youth and upside of Wade or Paul.  Melmood (who I must disclose is a fan of the Miami Heat) went with the player that finished second only to LeBron in overall Fantasy points last season. Picking fourth is a great place to be because you are assured of landing whomever is left over from this tier of players, you'll also get the higher value on the way back. In this case, I wound up with Chris Paul at No. 4 overall. It just as easily could have been Wade or Kobe.

Lippman was the first to step out of the box, if you will, by making a small reach to grab Dwight Howard. It was a good move on his part to snag the No. 1 overall center in H2H leagues, but you can see him go anywhere from 5-10 in most leagues. What Lippy did was to make sure he was in the best possible position at center, considering the scarcity of talent at the position. It's a move many Fantasy owners will want to make this fall as well.

No real surprises in the second half of the first round. This is more or less what that should look like in most leagues.

Here's a look at the picks made in Round 2:

Dave Richard - Al Jefferson, F/C, MIN
Scott White - Tim Duncan, F, SA
Ross Devonport - Danny Granger, F, IND
Michael Hurcomb - Zach Randolph, F/C, MEM
Fazal Imam - Devin Harris, G, NJ
Peter Madden - Carmelo Anthony, F, DEN
Jamey Eisenberg - Andre Iguodala, F/G, PHI
Jeff Lippman - Derrick Rose, G, CHI
Sergio Gonzalez - Joe Johnson, G, ATL
Ian Melmood - Steve Nash, G, PHO
Eric Mack - Gilbert Arenas, G, WAS
Lauren Shehadi - Caron Butler, F/G

The Breakdown:

Scott White went back and forth for a while before making his pick and he considered several options. He thought about Andre Iguodala, Carmelo Anthony and Joe Johnson here before deciding ultimately to go with the consistency of Duncan. The term 'ticking time bomb' was tossed around between myself and White when he was thinking the pick out because while Duncan's numbers are hard to argue with, you don't want to be the guy who picked him when his decline finally arrived. Scott wasn't thrilled with his pick, but it was a safe and sound pick.

Hurcomb reached a little but for Randolph, but this was a similar situation to what Lippman dealt with in Round 1 with Howard. Randolph was the next highest rated center and that's a position Hurcomb valued highest here. Considering how the center board looks after Randolph (Brook Lopez, David Lee, Mehmet Okur, Emeka Okafor and Nene make up the next tier of centers) it certainly wasn't a bad move as Randolph was the last guy out there with high scoring (20-plus) ability along with good rebounding and shot-blocking numbers. So while it may have looked like a reach based on overall projections, it was a calculated move that many Fantasy owners may have to think about making this season.

Joe Johnson was passed over time after time in the second round before I ultimately took him at No. 21 overall. His scoring did take a hit last season, but he's just 28 years old and averaged 21 points per game in a "down" year. I'll take that any time. Consider Johnson as a possible player to slip in your drafts this fall as what is viewed as a down year could make him a good value. 

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