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Posted on: May 13, 2009 10:33 am

Delving into podcasts

I have begun to delve into the world of podcasts. I am a little late to the show -- just about everyone in the group has been podcasting for a while. You can check them all out at cbssports.com/xml/podcasts.

The football (Dave Richard and Jamey Eisenberg) and baseball (Eric Mack and Scott White) guys do a great job with theirs, as many of you have had a chance to enjoy their great insight and witty banter. Any podcast with Eric Mack is a must-listen, in my opinion. You never know what nugget of Fantasy knowlede or crazy thing he is going to offer. Emack, as he is better known to everyone, has emerged as one of most respected voices in Fantasy baseball since he's been covering it for us, bar none. He knows his Fantasy baseball and anyone who has ever listened to him talk knows how funny he can be -- even if he's not really trying to be funny.  

Richard is also a funny and personable guy's guy who obviously knows a lot of football as anyone who has read his stuff knows. He and Eisenberg work really well together on the air in videos, radio  and podcasts and it's good entertainment on top of being insightful. During the NFL season, these guys are ALWAYS on the radio all over the country and they are freaking awesome. Eisenberg is a jack of all trades. He hosts the football, baseball and now hoops podcasts with top class,  in-the-know information and a good sense of humor at the same time (he knows how to get Emack going, in particular). There really is no better duo to talk Fantasy Football than those two guys and that is no company line. Check them out yourselves and try to tell me it's not true.

Michael Hurcomb and Ross Devonport dabble in multiple sports. Both provide a Fantasy aspect to our hockey podcasts during the season, worth a listen if you are in any type of Fantasy hockey league or if you are just a hockey nut as they talk about all things NHL.

Devonport is also a regular on the golf podcasts, another sport he covers so well for us among other things (don't forget he was the 2007 Fantasy Sports Writers Association Golf Writer of the Year, after all). He's British, so you know he knows golf and sounds cool talking about it. 

Michael Hurcomb is an encyclopedia of knowledge for just about any sport, but he has also contributed to our College Hoops podcasts. If it is about college sports, football or hoops (and probably even LaCrosse or Cross Country, knowing him), he knows about it. It's actually kind of scary how much he knows sometimes, seriously. He just spouts stuff off the top of his head like it's normal to know things like what kind of offense the University of Buffalo runs.

And now, we've begun the Fantasy Pick & Roll podcasts. Eisenberg and myself are doing weekly podcasts throughout the NBA playoffs, discussing the goings on of NBA playoff series as well as talking about Fantasy hoops. It's never out of season after all.

So check out the podcasts , one or all, whatever your Fantasy needs require. You won't be disappointed.
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